Lettuce Grow Brand Design

Sanja Komljenovic is the Founder and CEO of ONA Creative. She and the team at ONA utilized their design expertise for the rebrand of their client, Lettuce Grow.

Lettuce Grow introduced a sleek, revolutionary, hydroponic growing system that makes growing food from home accessible to the modern lifestyle. However, their branding, to everyday people, presented their product as just another gadget for gardening enthusiasts, as opposed to a lifestyle that anyone can benefit from.

ONA Creative repositioned the Lettuce Grow brand in a way that not only reflects the premium quality and functionality of the product, but also drives home the brand’s core values and key messages, which encourage people to lead healthier, more sustainable lives. Simultaneously, by highlighting these core values, Lettuce Grow became positioned squarely at the target consumer intersection of food, wellness and sustainability.

Through the brand strategy and brand identity, Lettuce Grow has evolved into a brand that makes the “growing your own food” lifestyle accessible, appealing and shareable.



Credits: ONA Creative

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