La Bulla

Bustle, shouts, laughter that turns into guffaws, lively conversations, music, lots of music, the sounds of Veracruz concentrated in La Bulla, the sound of Jarochos energy. This urban space rescued for the neighbor’s well-being was converted into a multidisciplinary project where Bala created the name and identity that gives an environmental meaning to this park located in the heart of Veracruz.

The project’s central idea is the sound, music, and energy of the Jarochos. To encode it visually was something fun. Plus, the result is various organic shapes in the form of sounds, which generate visual rhythms inside this place, where color brings a vital and joyful expression.

The relationship between diversity and community was also decisive, as the creative team has proposed different shapes, always associated with a clear color palette to identify La Bulla.

The intervention of the graphic identity in the space also gives it a very human sense, walls and floors were painted, and even some graphic resources were used to decorate some portable furniture.

Additional credits
Project and Architecture: Taller Multidisciplinar
Identity: Bala
Playful Sculpture Infinito: Ariel Rojo Design Studio / Productos Jumbo
Urban Furniture: mmcité
Recreational Games: PlayClub
Photography: Pablo Navajas / Mauro Falcón
Location: Fracc. Hortalizas, Veracruz, México
Client: Ayuntamiento de Veracruz


Credits: Bala

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