illo x — Biodiversity

Creative studio teams up with for a video series tackling climate change solutions in different styles.

The studio created 4 motion design videos for the global NGO, each of them exploring a way to preserve our planet. Different visual approaches unite under one goal: to clearly showcase what we need to do now.

Climate change represents one of humanity’s most pressing issues, but how do you manage to get that message across, while mixing science facts with an engaging and witty tone? explored the answer to this question in the video series designed for The Nature Conservancy, the environmental nonprofit working to create a world where people and nature can thrive together.
The aim was to create a set of videos that could stand out individually and also work as part of a bigger story. To achieve that the creative studio developed 4 different styles for each video, working with the same color palette and tone of voice to make the series cohesive. Engaging storytelling, a pinch of humor, and their staple motion design magic added to the mix, while the studio’s recognizable color approach brought an extra vibrant touch to the project.

The studio will release the videos one by one and the first one to shine in their portfolio explores the importance of biodiversity, diving into the variety and the links that are vital for this natural delicate balance. Tune in for the next ones, tackling natural climate solutions, carbon markets, and regenerative food systems! is an Italian design studio with a focus on motion design, illustration, and set design, aiming for a minimal and colorful aesthetic with clear storytelling.


Credits: illo

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