Filema Rodion Store Branding

An old lady in the role of a knight who protects tradition. Boxes that turn into fortresses. Arches and banners. Today’s design post comes with a story-telling branding project for Filema Rodion led by Luminous Design. Settled in the city of Rhodes, which has an Old Town featuring the medieval Street of the Knights and the castlelike Palace of Grand Masters. Going back in time, captured by the Ottomans and then held by the Romans, the palace is now a history museum.

Following the visual identity created for Filema Rodion, a brand serving local treats in Rhodes, creatives designed the material for their new store by drawing inspiration from the island’s rich medieval history, along with images of everyday life from its 42 villages. The creative universe that came together utilizes the blue & white color palette that governs the brand identity, challenging everyone to raise the banner of authentic taste.
This project features a mainly monochromatic color palette in a characteristic blue hue reminding us of the Aegean Sea typical of Greece. Also, it has some iconic emblems from medieval times representing the traditional values, if you don’t trust us look who’s under that helmet – protecting tradition and recipes 👵

Luminous Design Group, an Athens-based storytelling studio. Their design services include branding, identity, print, and digital design, packaging design, and creative direction. They focus on branding and design with purpose. Approaching every project with passion, producing expressive, bold, and innovative communication. They help brands empower their vision through meaningful design solutions.


Credits: Luminous Design

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