Corebook° — Leveraging the power of Ai in brand guidelines

Brand guidelines can frequently cause frustration among brand designers as they navigate the complexities of fluid visual identities. Corebook° is on a mission to transform this experience by making PDF brand guidelines a thing of the past while leveraging the power of Ai.

If you or your company are still using brand guidelines that are clunky to deal with or even frustrating, well, then Corebook° might be for you. Do you remember the time when brand guideline PDFs were a thing? Those PDFs were already outdated by the time you shared them. In an era where the majority of designers are constantly working online and confronted with Ai at every corner, you can bet that there are better ways to deal with brand guidelines nowadays. If you haven’t heard of Corebook° yet - It is a collaborative platform designed by and for designers to simplify and streamline brand guidelines. With Corebook°, we really have the feeling that they understand the frustration of old-school brand guidelines and know how to solve it.

22.06 2023


Corebook° is an online brand guidelines platform for branding teams.

Corebook° offers very easily updatable and shareable online brand guidelines that just work across every channel you can imagine. And by EASY, we mean it! Easy to share, easy to collaborate, and easy to maintain. Updates happen in real-time.

The nice thing is that Corebook° meets the needs of both large companies and smaller design agencies. Embraced by renowned brands like Tinder, Crocs, and Chelsea FC, Corebook° aims to make PDF brand guidelines obsolete by 2025.

The beauty of Corebook° also lies in its intuitive interface, crafted to understand and cater to designers' unique workflows. It's an elegant solution that will make you wonder how you managed without it. The truth is it just works! Corebook° also integrates with your everyday tools like Adobe, Figma, or Miro, enabling seamless workflows and an enhanced experience.


The core mission & values of Corebook°

Recently the team introduced Corebook°Ai which really got us excited. The new version of Corebook° is leveraging cutting-edge Ai technology to enhance brand management, with editable outputs and a new Figma plugin. In a recent interview with Aigars Aboltins, the CTO & Co-founder stated: 

“We are building a Figma plugin where users will be able to edit generated modules like logo clear space. Instead of changing users’ habits, we integrate our product into users’ existing workflows. That’s why Figma integrations are a core milestone for Corebook°’s next UX evolution!”

You can already request early access and become an early adopter.


Assets to brand guidelines in an instant, powered by generative design.


Corebook°Ai creates editable brand guidelines modules with a simple text prompt.

Also, in terms of pricing, Corebook° has a lot to offer. Instead of adhering to the conventional subscription-based pricing model prevalent in creative programs, Corebook° offers a more competitive and flexible alternative. They provide lifetime licences for creative agencies and studios, allowing users to access the platform for an extended period and empowering designers with greater freedom and value. You can try Corebook° for free to test it for yourself. You can also book a demo to experience all its capabilities and answer any questions you may have.

Credits: Corebook°

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