CBR Sustainability Partners

Fable&Co. embarked on a transformative journey alongside CBR Sustainability Partners, a progressive consultancy committed to fostering sustainable change. CBR partners with businesses & industries with a clear mission – to catalyse innovation, facilitate informed decision-making, & deliver a positive impact that resonates beyond conventional boundaries.

The transformation required for a sustainable future demands a radical yet meticulous approach. CBR recognises this critical need for change, & position themselves as consultants, technical project developers, & deal advisors, providing invaluable technology, business, & regulatory expertise to navigate the intricate & complex sustainable landscape.

The circle at CBR represents the many positive aspects of working together towards their mission of driving positive sustainable change & symbolic of their collaborative spirit. It represents commitment, enlightenment, & infinity, mirroring their unwavering focus on sustainability & innovation. This emblem stands for regeneration, unity, parity, & wholeness, capturing the essence of collaboration within the CBR team & their shared goals with partners & clients.

CBRs new brand identity is a striking visual testament to progression, dynamism, impact, & opportunity. Crafted to convey a sense of forward motion, it symbolises the relentless march towards the future.

The design radiates energy, commanding attention & leaving an indelible mark. It resonates with purpose, embodying the boundless potential of opportunity that comes with sustainable practices, innovation & collaborative problem-solving.

Central to CBRs fresh visual identity are artworks that exude a striking, charming, & inspiring essence. These bespoke creative brand assets seamlessly blend three core elements the circle asset, industry & nature. The carefully selected landscape images, meticulously cut out, create a backdrop for our distinctive circle asset. Meanwhile, the grid asset, consistently overlaid onto the background image, maintains a cohesive and visually appealing element across all artworks.

Through collaboration, innovation, & a bold brand identity, CBR stands poised at the forefront of shaping a future that is both impactful & enduring.


Credits: Fable&Co

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