Bølgeblikk Corporate Design

Design agency, Tank, developed a new name, visual identity and website for Bølgeblikk, a Norwegian architecture agency. Tank was inspired to develop an identity that expressed quality and professionalism while also making reference to the monumental buildings the agency works with.

The name Bølgeblikk, meaning ‘corrugated iron’, was chosen for its strong connotations to inexpensive, rugged and rough use of materials. The material bølgeblikk has also recently experienced a revival among architects because of its unparalleled quality and flexibility.

For a complex name, a simple and legible logotype was chosen. Tank say, ‘By slightly deconstructing the letters, interesting spaces and contrasts appear amongst the letters. When the logo is assembled in patterns, it creates dynamic sections where the legibility of the letters disappears and the importance of the shapes increases.’


Credits: Tank Design

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