Bierhaus Brewing Co

Today’s Friday and we are looking forward to grabbing that beer after office. So, let’s daydream about this noon’s birra. This issue is about an Argentinean brewery named Bierhaus — the beer that beer would drink, and us too! Crescimone designed hand-crafted typography and a friendly honey-lover bear as the main character, highlighting the dedication the company puts into its craft beer production.
More than 10 years in the market with a production capacity of 90,000 liters of beer per month, ranging from the traditional types that are present throughout the year, the special ones that depend on seasonal products, and the experimental ones. The beers are present in more than 350 bars and points of sale throughout the country. And recently exported to Europe!
Looking to define the brand personality that portrayed Bierhaus’s essence as a craft beer brand at first glance, Crescimone thought of using calligraphy as a device to distinguish its hand-crafted imprint, as if it was a signature. Bierhaus’s unique and unmatched tastiness is represented graphically. Canned-beer design varies which every kind of crafted beer, all with an electric and vibrant palette, a distinctive illustration, and creative and out-of-the-blue names. The election of the bear as the figure for the logo comes from a straight connection between this lovely furry animal and one of the brand’s signature products, the Bierhaus Honey Beer. And everyone knows how much bears love honey beer 🙂

Additional credits
Creative Direction & Design: Juan Crescimone
Design: Rocio GomezTrinidad Azpiroz & Emiliano Carbone
Copywriting: Soledad Gorleri & Mariano Felchle
Photo Content & Social Media: DPM


Credits: Crescimone

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