Air – Virtual Fashion

We’re 200% sure you can relate to this situation before making a long trip or when traveling to places with temperatures below 0 degrees. Is it just us, or do clothes only get bigger and thicker? A couple of days ago, we came across this fantastic solution: Air, a fashion meta-universe UV- 朱came up with to explore abstract forms. 

UV’s design features a colorful palette and the classic Louis Vuitton pattern. Plus, the project’s purpose was the exploration of a different and inflatable art expression. Imagine how many pairs of shoes would fit inside our bag when traveling? For sure, tons of them 🙂 The diversity of materials used in this project is vast, as every component has a different one. The high-end detail for patterns when inflated is just on point. Also, if you have ever imagined an inflatable shoe, at least we came up with a slipper model. However, UV created a deluxe sneaker design including laces, labels, and a trendy seal near the ankle. 

All in all, we are enthusiastic about Air’s cool concept of inflatable kicks as they would solve many of our problems when preparing luggage. Also, the fun approach takes us back to when kids jump in inflatable castles. Can you feel the excitement? 


Credits: UV- 朱

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