ZhuanZhuan Logistics Packaging

牤 坨坨 & Hua Qianhua designed ZhuanZhuan Logistics Packaging. In 2020, with the strategic adjustment of ZhuanZhuan Group, the company focuses more on the second-hand transactions of cell phones and digital 3c, emphasizing the official quality inspection and strictly selected quality, and hopes to differentiate the official strictly selected goods from C2C goods.
In order to strengthen the sense of quality of the official strictly selected goods, and to differentiate the strictly selected goods from C2C goods, as well as to help the customer acquisition and order growth of the strictly selected goods. The design team, together with the brand team, upgraded the logistics packaging of the official strictly selected goods.
Logistics packaging is often overlooked, but it is directly related to consumers’ purchasing experience and brand impression, and is a very important part of the product delivery process. They hope that people who see the logistics box of the strict selection will not only feel the sense of quality and differentiation of the strict selection goods, but also complete a brand communication for them. They want people to see and understand the product. With this goal in mind, they thought, can the logistics box become a carrier for brand advertising? While completing the business appeal, they also completed a brand communication.
Brand design is a perfect systematic expression, even a small logistics box design, they hope to think from the business value and break the routine. In their demanding design, they want more and more consumers to know, understand, use, like and rely on ZhuanZhuan Group!


Credits: 牤 坨坨 & Hua Qianhua

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