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Zemono + selection Tomaž Kavčič is the brand of one of the most recognizable chefs in Slovenia, the holder of a Michelin star, and one of the 100 best chefs in the world. Tomaž Kavčič often proved to be a pioneer and initiator of revolutions in many hospitality areas, but never for a single brand. So, he asked Klun to create his new signature line identity. 

The name and image are everything the maestro wanted to say and communicate and the promise of a transparent, premium, and fair brand.
The main image contains inscriptions, numbers, a signature, and an icon – especially the icon, which defines the life and work of Tomaž Kavčič with a multi-level symbolic meaning. In the icon, one can find many interpretations descending from the external ground plan of Zemono. Some of them are: two squares, a shot of the roof, to the ground floor of the mansion, drawing corner rooms and central corridors with a recognizable arched exterior.
The icon is a table with 12 or 4 chairs, larger or smaller. Two squares symbolically indicate a protected space, safe from the rest of the world, and four hearts are four generations of Kavčič family, dedicated to hospitality.

The icon flirts with Suprematism, with Malevich’s Square and the Cross, but not only in form, but above all because of the parallels between the artistic direction and Tomaž’s culinary approach. Both approaches use simple forms and ingredients which awaken interpretations, memories and come to life in the viewer or eater. Malevich is one of the most recognizable Russians in the West. He is a kind of ambassador of Slavic art, just like the honorary consul Tomaž Kavčič. 


Credits: KLUN spaces + stories

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