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Yellow Images is a unique marketplace that any designer can become part of as an author to generate passive income. With more than 40K high-quality premium assets, yellow Images is running 4 markets such as Object mockups, Creative store, Images 360 and Creative fonts.

Become an author at Yellow images, and don’t miss these opportunities:

You can sell your creative content at all Yellow Images’ markets. Submit your work to all of the 4 markets mentioned above. The more works you create, the higher your profit will be.

Opportunity to create a team of Authors, earn more. At Yellow Images you can create your own Team of Authors by inviting other artists with different expertise like 2D and 3D graphics. This way you become a team leader, and get a 20% bonus from the sales of your team members.

Support of community and professional growth. You can learn with the best Yellow Images’ Authors, by becoming their team members. In Yellow Images Author’s Community so you can constantly cooperate with the best professionals, get their support, and constructive feedback on your works.

Beneficial collaborations. Unite with other creative professionals to make collaborations, create even more amazing products together, and increase your sales.

Feedback from the community. The Author’s Team is always here to help you — Yellow Images provide all the authors with feedback, analyze issues, and give some useful tips on how to increase the quality of their works.

Inspiration for content making. At Yellow Images, they study market trends, evaluate the ranks of the works on Yellow, and share this important data with the Authors. This way they can decide on which markets will give them more income at a particular period of time.


Credits: Yellow Images

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