A brand that’s offbeat, but true to its traditional roots. As part of the creation of the Ydra range of handcrafted soaps, the Atelier was tasked with designing the brand’s identity. Our aspiration was to tell the story of a different Greece, one that is sunny and full of life, that celebrates the beauty and energy of the country while remaining true to its ancestral traditions.

While the identity had to depict a Greece far removed from stereotypes, we wanted it to pay homage to the brand’s roots. The studio drew on the imagination conveyed by this characteristic Mediterranean lifestyle to create the new identity. The shimmering yet delicate colors convey both Greek nature (the origin of the soaps) and a certain joie de vivre. The typography, meanwhile, is delicately designed to convey the gentleness of the soaps, both for the skin and the environment.


Credits: Atelier Cesar

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