Yas NV Branding

Not so long ago, we’ve showcased Top 10: December Branding, and we fell in love with Yas NV’s identity designed in collaboration with Zoe SchneiderYas NV is a designer and art director with an incredible eye for color, texture, composition, lighting, and beautiful concepts to tie it all together. 

The branding is simple, delicate, and trendy yet refined to provide a respected ground for the work she creates. A warm color palette combined with some off-white details becomes the central piece of the work. Plus, its balanced and beautiful serif font encapsulated by a thin stroked circle forms the logo.
Many props and nature intervention complements Yas NV’s identity. Zoe did an incredible job with the project’s display and overall aesthetic as it shows a high-end detail result. And we know this kind of works got an exhaustive and neverending process with infinite iterations to achieve such a standard. 

All in all, we’re positively shocked by how the branding turned out and how perfectly executed nature intervenes with the display. We can notably perceive Yas’s aesthetics and her influence on the project. 

Additional credits
Animation: Fabian Morison


Credits: Yas N Vicente

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