XITE, the music video platform that reaches 100 million households worldwide via on-demand TV, is renewing its brand identity in partnership with strategic design agency Wunder and brand design agency G2K.
In 2015, XITE was the first provider in the world to bridge the gap between traditional linear television and the new digital on-demand era. To remain relevant and distinctive in the increasingly crowded field with players such as Vevo, Youtube Music and Spotify, XITE brought its existing brand identity to a new level.
The strategy is refined based on the existing brand identity. Explicitly highlighting one element: the personal connection between viewers, artists and the platform. This is powerfully expressed in the new brand promise “See Your Music.”
With See Your Music as our guide, we developed a dynamic design system that breathes personalization while remaining recognizable and practical across all media and devices. We expanded the color system so that it easily adapts according to genre, mood or target audience. In addition, we added a bold and distinctive typeface, matching the typography with the existing (but tightened) logo. We created a flexible framework by designing a grid based on the 16:9 TV aspect ratio that allows all room for movement, a fully dynamic brand experience.
With this new basis, we developed a multitude of idents, formats, style carriers and brand guidelines. The new XITE was launched at the end of 2023 and will be rolled out by region and platform.
Strategy: Wunder
Design: G2K


Credits: Strategy: Wunder / Design: G2K

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