World Chocolate Master

The World Chocolate Master, the most prestigious world competition for chocolate masters commended Zoo Studio to design the line of trophies for the edition of 2015. For their proposal, the studio used noble materials, glass and wood, both worked at hand.  Inside the glass, a cavity was generated by using a real cocoa fruit, which let the negative of the fruit inside a melted glass. This cavity presents a duality, depending on the angle of vision it can be seen the positive or the negative of half a cocoa fruit. The glass has impurities in its interior, small bubbles and changes in its opacity, and also its outline are organic. The organic, natural factors are very important, and this is why the trophies were handmade. This fact always reminds of the origin, the fact of getting the raw material as the nature provides it, before being manipulated and processed. The main side, where the hole and the logo are, is perfectly polished, whereas the opposite sides aren’t. This fact introduces the concept of human intervention, the work of the chef on the raw material. The trophies have a finishing of gold leaf, silver leaf, frosted glass or natural glass, depending on its category. There is also a line of trophies for the subcategories with natural glass. The logo and the text are laser-engraved directly on the wood. The production process lasted 2 months to be able to produce a total of 96 trophies for the national finals and for the great final held in Paris on October 2015.


Credits: Zoo Studio

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