Workshop Bros Interior & CI is a new premium range of coffee beans by the Workshop Brothers, an Australian eatery and coffee specialist that proudly approaches their coffee and food with the precision and care of a skilled craftsman. It’s unsurprising then that this same meticulous attention to detail has been translated across their branding, packaging and interior design.

The branding and packaging, by Pop & Pac, and the interiors by Studio Esteta harmonise perfectly to create a beautifully minimal identity.

The playful, wide-spaced typography incorporates circular designs in place of the letter ‘O’, which resemble cogs found in workshops. Artistic geometric sketches that have the appearance of technical blueprints are also found in the collateral design, adding continuity to the modern ‘workshop’ concept.

Like the branding, the interiors make use of a light colour palette with gold accents, along with modern, elegant pieces which create a clean and polished aesthetic.


Credits: Pop & Pac

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