Wishes: Holiday Campaign

In the years of unpredictability and uncertainty, the world and personal problems have made us forget the childish way of making our wishes come true – writing letters to Santa Claus. To encourage all of us to manifest our wishes for 2023, ByAllMeans designed a set of 15 wishes based on most common human needs & desires + offered a positive way of manifesting each one of them in a variety of interactive ways.

ByAllMeans kicked off the campaign with a 15-day advent calendar revealing each day a card with one wish and a suggestion to positively define your wish, even if it’s something like money or fame. For example, its completely ok to be wishing for Money, but when you do, remember that money is mainly there to enable possibilities, make sure not to be greedy, instead invest in people, projects, your passions and it will gain you much more value. ByAllMeans followed it up with release of an animated Sticker Pack for instagram, Giphy and Telegram to enable the audience to communicate their wishes more visually and start thinking about it subconsciously while using the stickers.

Collaborators and clients received a physical silver hot foil stamped card wish a manifesto for 2023 and a set of physical Wishes stickers to fill in the blanks on the card and set up their own priorities. ByAllMeans also invited their whole community on instagram to generate digital letters to Santa using their digital stickers, text or any other available tools. As a final touch, ByAllMeans released an instagram mask that allowed people in AR add animated wishes to float above their heads for true visualisation of their wishes, all while having fun and creating content.

With this campaign ByAllMeans generated some good energy by talking about peoples wishes, accepting even materialistic and greedy wishes like fame, money and likes, but with a healthy way of looking at them that would actually generate good, and we got to do what we love the most – mixed media project. Lettering, illustration, 3d, animation, AR, print – all came together in an interactive cohesive experience. What a treat it was! Over time, the campaign generated more than 2M impressions with more than 770 000 in the first month! Hopefully thats enough to generate some good vibrations by thinking good wishes to make the world a little bit of a better place!



Credits: ByAllMeans studio

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