The theme of the world’s leading sustainability award 2021 is Anti-corruption. The winners this year will receive a transparent, fluorescent prize cube made by German artist Regine Schumann on October 21. WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award honors outstanding contributions towards a more sustainable future. The fight against corruption permeates all parts of the global goals in Agenda 2030, and it is a fundamental component for the desired goals to become a reality. 

Corruption is one of the biggest obstacles to global sustainable development. It affects the world’s most vulnerable the hardest and harms society as a whole, as well as the planet itself, says Emma Dalväg, Chair of the WIN WIN Award jury. The prize constantly reinvents itself. The shape is always a cube made of different conceptual materials and techniques, which vary every year, connecting to the annual theme.
When thinking about anti-corruption, designers thought of transparency. Anti-corruption is about exposing what is happening behind closed doors and investigating what is hidden underneath the surface, says Anna Ahnborg, Design director at branding agency Happy F&B. This year’s prize cubes involve collaboration with German light and installation artist Regine Schumann. Schumann’s work explores transparency and the relationship between color, light, form, and room. 

The prize cubes are transparent and fluorescent, symbolically envisioning how corrupt structures uncovered, says Regine Schumann. The winner of 2021 is the Icelandic whistleblower Jóhannes Stefánsson. – Jóhannes Stefánsson selflessly reveals hidden structures and illuminates them. The structures seem to have a different effect in daylight than in the dark. His prize cube will be illuminated under blacklight, symbolically sharpening the view, says Regine Schumann. 


Credits: Happy F&B

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