Willicroft Packaging

Nowadays, vegan food is accessible to everyone, not only to proper vegans. Have you ever been amazed by how good a snack tasted and then realized is plant-based? Today, we’re showcasing Willicroft’s new packaging by Kindly Made Studio. This Amsterdam-based vegan cheese brand makes planet-proof, plant-based alternatives that are just as tasty. 

Inspired by the founders’ dairy farming roots, Willicroft combines age-old techniques with high-quality plant-based ingredients, creating alternatives that are as good for you as they are for Mother Nature. Plus, the brand’s packaging is doing good to our sight too! The creative team came up with a beautiful pastel color palette and 70s groovy patterns that are a must-have this 2022. Furthermore, the pale pink tones are on point.
Respecting the art direction, the studio came up with a bright and playful concept to showcase the best of their work and the Willicroft family’s work too. 

Scroll down and enjoy some cheesy adventure and gorgeous packaging design featuring many of this year’s design trends. PS: today, we’re preparing a vegan meal for lunch at work 🙂 Let this be your inspiration to try something new!


Credits: Kindly Made Studio

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