Wild Pack

Studio DRAMA collaborated with Georgia Toffolo to create a vibrant brand identity for Wild Pack, a new raw dog food brand that emphasizes embracing pets’ wild sides. The project encompassed various capabilities, including naming, brand strategy, visual identity, packaging design, social media content, and film production.

The brand was developed to address the rising demand for minimally processed, natural diets for pets that mimic their ancestral eating habits. Wild Pack aimed to revolutionize the pet food industry by prioritizing pet nutrition and celebrating pets’ instinctual behaviours.

The brand’s name, “Wild Pack,” embodies its ethos of embracing pets’ wild nature and providing nourishment. The visual identity, including the logo, features a unique lowercase ‘i’ and adaptable logo lockup system, reinforcing the brand’s wild spirit.

The packaging design is a central element of the brand identity, emphasizing transparency and prominently displaying ingredient listings on the front. The brand toolkit incorporates a bold colour palette, a distinctive typeface, and an icon set that signifies primary ingredients.

Wild Pack’s tone of voice is real, opinionated, and unapologetic, aligning with its commitment to authenticity and pet health. The brand utilizes pop-flash photography to capture candid moments and convey an adventurous spirit.

The brand extends its identity into digital and social applications, reflecting its revolutionary ethos. The Wild Pack website provides a platform for users to engage with and purchase products, featuring a playful meal plan quiz and captivating photography.

The packaging, delivery, and products are designed with sustainability in mind, featuring 100% recyclable packaging and environmentally friendly materials.

Wild Pack’s ambition extends beyond raw dog food to encompass additional food lines and a comprehensive lifestyle brand, reflecting the broader trend of premiumization in the pet industry.

Overall, Studio DRAMA’s collaboration with Georgia Toffolo results in a dynamic brand identity that celebrates pets’ wild sides, prioritizes pet nutrition and inspires a community of pet owners to embrace authenticity and healthier lifestyles for their furry companions.


Credits: Studio DRAMA

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