Wiener Konzerthaus Branding

Whimsical and dancing vibes are approaching Mindsparkle Mag, we mega value cultural plans during the weekend. From going to a museum or visiting national parks to assisting to plays or concerts, we find all of them attractive and fun. If cultural knowledge is a crime, then they’d better get the handcuffs. For us, there’s no restriction to acquire facts from different topics and countries. So, today we’re traveling to Vienna’s Wiener Konzerthaus featuring Moodley design‘s work for its visual identity. 

This monumental building’s branding design consists of rhythmic circles in vivid colors. They perform on digital formats and intervene the city and the music house itself with its clean banner designs and photographs. So, they add joy and a modern feel to a place with a long history behind it. The design concept Moodley designers came up with is super clean and fun for Wiener Konzerthaus.
You’d probably witness your city’s museums or theatres intervened with colorful, modern graphic compositions to seduce at sight. Plus, they make themselves remembered again, those gorgeous, full of historic buildings. These grand interventions trigger us to go back to the places we enjoyed the most. 

Additional credits
Creative Director: Mike Fuisz
Art Direction: Natascha Triebl
Graphic Design: Nicole Mentasti, Denis Lelic, Kevin Nowak
Project Management: Marie-Christine Mohnl
Fotography: Michael Königshofer


Credits: moodley design

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