Wealths visual system is consistent and easy to recognize. Every element of the visual language -print, mobile, web – coheres into a unified brand identity that communicates clearly on all platforms.

The centerpiece of Wealth’s visual language is contrast: the logotype is simple yet the typography is bold. The design language is illustrative yet fundamentally flexible. The contrast in the details emphasizes the uniqueness of Wealth’s brand identity.

Clay translated Wealth’s core values directly into the brand’s visual language. A comforting and reliable deep green combined with a fresh and rejuvenating yellow forms the basics of the brand’s color palette. This provides a dual impression – energetic and active, trustworthy and safe.

Icons are a unique feature of Wealths visual identity. They are compact and crisp, but also reinforce the relatable, approachable, and even comforting nature of the brand. A combination of pictograms, icons, and photos creates a unified yet diverse visual system. Illustrations communicate familiarity and trust in the brand identity.


Credits: Clay Global

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