We Are OSM

Today’s design post is about General Condition Studio‘s redesign work on We Are OSM — a pack of creative, analytical, and organized individuals who work together to find the best solution for their clients. The result is a very thoughtful and tested color palette that blew out our minds with its awesomeness. Pun intended.

They started as a creative agency focusing only on design and then slowly including development – both web and mobile. Connecting different worlds has never been an easy job. The new identity brings new colors, new patterns, and a new concept of the website and digital platforms. But of course, they have remained consistent with themselves.

The visual story began as a fusion of color, pattern, and character and the next chapter in their brand development history was the standardization of different IT services. The aim was to provide their clients with an add-on value to the already awesome design and development.

They have produced a remarkably bold and disciplined visual design system. Each pattern and color combination is designed to differentiate each We Are OSM service with its color concept while still working with all the other services. OSM color system works in two ways with two sets of palettes. The palettes go from dark to light. The dark palette is the main palette, whereas the light palette is the supporting one. When combined, it is possible to create unlikely combinations that are dynamic, yet manage to retain discernible contrast.

General Condition Studio is an awarded multidisciplinary team based in. Their team is spread around the world. During the past 10 years, they specialized in brands and identities, art direction, and website design and development. Their small studio focuses on creating visual solutions and creative concepts through identifying needs or problems, research, and testing.


Credits: General Condition

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