The Warsaw University of Technology

The new logo of the Warsaw University of Technologyis is based on typography. The idea—transforming the “W” into “≥” underlines the scientific character of the school but also reflects its position as one of the best universities in Poland. The “PW” or “WUT” symbol, when rotated by 90 degrees, becomes part of the school’s motto “imagination is greater(/equal) than knowledge”. Within the scope of the identity other symbols have also been created to express WUT values in a visual, consistent way. A custom typeface has been created in cooperation with Nico Inosanto of Nootype to serve as the basis for the lock-up and the Faculty names. The typeface Radikal WUT, with its distinctive stencil capitals and numerals, creates a unique visual system. An palette of eight colours has been chosen to meet the needs all the units within the University. Thanks to this each faculty has had a chance to choose two colours which best fit its needs, and the school has a wide range of possibilities. Warsaw University of Technology next to the new sign uses also in official materials historical mark – an emblem. To unify the traditional graphic element with the new identification emblem has been redesigned in a linear way. The new identity is a system of building blocks rather than a set of rules set in stone. This approach allows the identity to evolve and become a living visual tool for expressing the Universities message.

Credits: Emilka Bojańczyk / Podpunkt

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