Walnut Villa

Jasmin Kodzha designed Walnut Villa. The customers, a young couple with children living in the Istanbul Megapolis Center, decided to live in a quieter area closer to nature. They inherited from their grandfathers a beautiful lot with perennial oaks and walnuts in the area called Rishadie at the outskirts of Istanbul next to the forest. The first thing that the designers saw when they came to visit the lot to take measurements was a fruitful perennial walnut tree that was standing on the spot where the villa was planned to be built. The main challenge of this project was designing the villa in such a way that this wonderful three shouldn’t be cut down. The customers accepted enthusiastically their suggestion to take the tree in the house.

The main idea of the project if the integration of the live walnut tree into a contemporary living space so that its texture and color echoes the room furnishing and complements it harmoniously. The travertine texture and the patinated brass have become an ideal combination for it.


Credits: Jasmin Kodzha

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