Relying on the diverse geology of the Datun Volcanic Group in Yangmingshan, three formula beans are presented through flavor experiments of sulfur mist, lava, and volcanic gravel. The VI system takes the outline of the volcano and the structure of the word “fire” as the main basis, outlines the logo and extends the flavor icon with bright lines, and matches the three types of flavors with geological colors, mist (blue), lava (orange), volcanic gravel (gray) ) The large-area substrate becomes the key point of identification, and the shape is exceptionally used as a styling sticker for bean bags and cup stickers, so that the public can match the number to correspond to the geological explanation while tasting the moment. We look forward to using coffee flavor experiments and knowledge transmission to guide the public to understand the geological knowledge of Yangmingshan through their senses with a cup of coffee.


Credits: Tzou Yun-Da

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