Viva Eve

Too many women’s health issues go unseen every day. One-third of detectable fibroids go undetected and 30% of fertility issues are diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Years of neglect have resulted in a visible gender health gap in women’s research and clinical care. Having experienced this for herself, co-founder Nehal Farouky and her partner, Dr. James A. Gohar, set out to create a new clinic concept in women’s healthcare and hired TUX to help bring this vision to life.  

Strategy: Melissa Tucker-Gagné
Client Partners: Sandra Dagenais, Charlotte Bergeron

Creative Direction: Simon Chénier-Gauvreau
Art Direction: Alice Ware
Graphic Design: Joanie Brisebois
Motion Design: Felix Arsenault
Space Design: Olivier Paré, Michèle Beauchemin-Roy
3D Production: Jean-Michel Simard, Éloïse Vinet-Charland
Web Design: Louis Paquet


Credits: Tux Creative House

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