Villa Canopée

Villa Canopée, located in one of Quebec’s most beautiful villages, offers tenants a unique experience where they can witness the beauty of the forest firsthand. With stunning views of the St. Lawrence River, L’Île-aux-Coudres, and the village of Les Éboulements, guests are treated to breathtaking scenery.

The visual identity of Villa Canopée created by MamboMambo combines the natural charm of the surrounding nature with the luxury of a mountain retreat, creating an unforgettable experience for every guest.

By blending the magnificence of the trees with the grandeur of the mountains, the visual concept embodies the natural beauty of Charlevoix. Authentic photographs are used to portray the essence of the forest, mountains, and the residence itself. Each image tells a unique story, capturing the vibrant energy of this peaceful sanctuary.


Credits: MamboMambo

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