Vidda Royalle Identity

Creative Carbon designed Vidda Royalle Identity. A new avant-garde luxury bedclothes brand proudly made in Portugal. Exclusivity, but not at any price. The brand manifesto addresses important questions about how to create a brand that minimally impacts the environment, using as few chemicals as possible, minimizing waste generation in the production process, directly and indirectly, expanding the concept of sustainability. The approach of the brand with artisans who finish the pieces by adding a unique touch with embroidery, lace, and other techniques lead Vidda Royalle to a strong connection with art, and this is reflected in its brand identity.

The exclusive typography inspired on the art easels was designed seeking a perfect balance between the vertical and horizontal proportion of the letters and its thickness. The golden ratio helped us a lot on this journey.

The color palette was defined seeking to approximate it to the pure primary colors, referring to a paint that contains only one pigment. They are unmixed pigments that can’t be created by mixing other colors.

The logomark was designed trying to merge two important attributes of the brand, equilibrium, and nature. Starting from basic geometric shapes, and using some Gestalt principles, the symbol comes up to complete the brand DNA.

The packaging design is consistent with the brand’s DNA, but contrasts with its rich color palette with a clean, minimalist look. We want the impact to happen when the client opens the package and picks up the product in their hands, thus creating a growing visual experience.


Credits: Creative Carbon

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