Vicious Gardens

Ross Bruggink, creative director of Buddy-Buddy, has spent the last two and a half years working on a passion project that combines his love of gardening and illustration with the joy of table top gaming. The goal behind the project was to create something delightfully vicious that could be quickly learned and enjoyed with a group of friends. Vicious Gardens is here to bring light-hearted, horticultural sabotage to your game night.

Vicious Gardens is a devious game that combines the joy of gardening with the thrill of being a total jerk. In this game of horticultural supremacy you will strategically cultivate your garden, harvest plants, and sabotage others in a competition to become the Official Master Gardener.

All of the plant cards (over 80) will be uniquely named and illustrated. The game is filled with eccentric characters and plant-punny victory cards that bring quirky charm to the brutally fun game.

The box and components are meticulously illustrated. Product add-ons include metal collector coins and expansion packs. Expansions are packaged in pairs, with each featured on a display panel in a design that is mirrored when flipped upside down.


Credits: Ross Bruggink

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