Verso Flothemes Review

Verso is a stylish, contemporary website design for those who want a more artistic and flavorful approach when presenting their business online. It allows you to boldly highlight your work, be that photography, videography, design, craftwork, blogging, and more.

It’s built mainly on predefined FlexBlocks, where you can easily edit anything without limitations. What is particularly great about these templates is that:

  • They have a flexible layout. This means that you can build your site as you please. There are plenty of themes and a variety of styles on their templates. And each theme comes with a series of variations of every page, so there are plenty of options at the moment of creating your site.
  • They have a beautiful, minimal design. Their themes include all the functional elements needed for photographers and artists, using really attractive layouts and high resolution images.
  • They are totally customizable. When you are building your site, you can customize almost every step of it. You can add photos, videos, press features and pretty much everything you need. Their new feature Flex Blocks allow customers to customize their site even more.
  • They are easy to use. They provide really helpful guides, making it super easy to create a beautiful website. Flothemes also offers packages where they do everything from install the basic framework to build the entire site for you.
  • They are responsive for both, mobile and tablet. This means your website will look nice in every format!


Credits: Flothemes

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