Nowadays, plant-based restaurants are at their peak, not only because of their spiced food but for the dishes’ aesthetics and colors. Plus, flavored pasta accompanied with delicious sauces is a super flexible dish for every type of alimentation. Tais Kahatt‘s identity design for Verdania features bright, vibrant colors as the pasta flavor they contain. Slowly, it seems the world is turning veggie.

The design has an eye-catchy color palette, which pops up on the supermarket’s shelves. Verdania’s visual identity not only features a neon-kind of tones but a clean yet friendly approach. Also, the packaging has a super recognizable look and features a simple organic shape of the main vegetable used in its flavor. In addition, the typographic choice involves two different fonts, one has a vintage typing machine style, and the other is more natural with a handwritten imprint.
It’s great to see countless options for people with restricted diets due to a health issue. Not so long ago, these people had trouble finding a variety of this particular type of food. We celebrate how Tais Kahatt with Verdania gives a fun and familiar tone to the brand. You’re able to have this healthy food even though if you are not following a specific diet. What are you waiting to try some non-traditional noodles?


Credits: Tais Kahatt

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