Vasaknai Craft Beer

FOLK designed Vasaknai Craft Beer . Historical documents date the Manor brewery back to 1719. Today, Vasaknos Manor beer is produced in a fully computerized modern brewery.

FOLK had a task to create the concept and labels for four new extraordinary recipes, where oldest brewing traditions meet exotic and unusual ingredients. The agency decided that there is no one to represent them better than the legendary personalities – the first owners of Vasaknos manor & brewery, a powerful magnate family originating from the Grand Dutchy of Lithuania – Radvilos.

As well as the beer itself, the hand-painted labels became a dedication to tradition and history with a little creative twist. 

4 exceptional tastes – 4 extraordinary personalities:
CPT PLATER – Berliner Weisse-style beer with raspberries was dedicated to the countess E. Pliaterytė, a noblewoman and revolutionary.

BEARDED JOHN – Weizenbock, a rich and full-bodied beer was dedicated to Jonas Radvila I-Brodaty (eng. Bearded)
SINGLE MIKE – beer made with hemp blossom, dedicated to Mikalojus Kristupas Radvila Našlaitėlis-Sierotka (eng. Orphan)
M.R. SHADY – coffee stout, dedicated to Mykolas Radvila Juodasis (eng. Black)


Credits: FOLK

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