Illia Tovstonog, Anton Siriak, Alexander Doykov & Co. designed Vartis – an Ukrainian company that has been operating in the metal market since 1997. The main office is located in Kyiv — it is 800 square meters of a structured composition, practicality, and integration of brand values. The main finishing material is metal in all its manifestations as the main descriptor of the company: corten, steel rebars, stainless steel, etc.

The interior, in its turn, complements the metal elements with visual lightness and simple shapes. The two floors of the new office are stylistically different, but at the same time retain the integrity of the design and the volume of the overall picture. The ground floor is cool ascetic, flexible, and active. The second one is warm eclectic, calm, and balanced.


Credits: Illia Tovstonog, Anton Siriak, Alexander Doykov & Co.

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