Vacation Full Packaging Family

Some people are enjoying the summer holidays, depending on where you live. However, the time of the year isn’t relevant if you still are exposed to UV radiation; we should always apply sunblock creams. For those lucky ones with sunny days, we bring you Vacation Full Packaging Family. It’s a sunscreen branding project with a vintage imprint for Vacation Inc designed by Wedge Studio.

The brand’s aesthetic signature is 1986-inspired – an era of packaging design with information-filled systems where more is more. And you know precisely to what we’re referring. Wedge’s team defined the packaging design system across the complete family of products, with a precise color palette that instantly conjures that moment in time. Vacation appeared in Vanity Fair, FastCompany, ThingTesting, The Dieline, Newsweek, and others. Congratulations to the Founders!
Many of us might recall how the eighties were; if not, you might know it from the movies or series set in that decade. Everything was colorful, tons of hairspray everywhere, and music playing loud. Are you feeling nostalgic? Vacation Full Packaging Family brings back those fun and oily summers. Its presentation has a vibrant color palette, and the packaging itself evokes the tone of tanned skin at that time.

Office of Brand & Design based in Montreal. Wedge is an intimate, award-winning team committed to the distinct character, inspiring narrative & progressive spirit. They join ambitious companies of all scales to unlock and express the potential of what can be. Their projects focus on four principal disciplines: Identity, Packaging, Product & Objects, and Campaigns, to offer a precise, thoughtful, and complete brand experience for the audience designed for and the challenges at hand.

Photography by Emma Louise Swanson.


Credits: Wedge Studio

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