UNI Brand Identity

UNI is the name of this design studio, and Eunice Su hopes to create a “sustainable” design. The brand’s belief is “starting from daily life, improving with small objects as a unit to change people’s life.”

The design strategy revolves around the four core values of the brand: unit, balance, aesthetics, and exploration. The logo design is based on the UNI unit. The English typography design uses arcs to form a sense of minimalism. The four icons that match each have the meaning “Exploring the sun”, “natural tree”, “balanced pillar”, and “aesthetic vase”, I hope that UNI will discover tiny beauty through the four principles and make changes in daily life.
We’re in love with this project’s color palette and the precise and balanced composition Eunice created. There are no sharp edges in the typeface chosen but a transitioning, variable stroke that gives a serif font feels.


Credits: Eunice Su

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