TUUS Ex libris

Cecilia Martinez designed TUUS Ex libris – a brand designed and made in Spain.
The perfect present or self-given gift, a gem for any book collection.

No e-reader can replace the smell of paper or the feeling of the page.

Books offer an emotional and intellectual portrait of who we are: they speak to our anxieties and passions, our doubts and certainties, our way of being and of seeing the world. Our books define us. The only thing missing from their pages is our name. Now we can add it with TUUS Ex libris.

TUUS creates custom ex libris using contemporary designs that are grouped in different collections (Natura, Monogram, Geometric, and Illustrated). You just have to go to tuusexlibris.com, select a design from one of our collections (or request a personalised piece that TUUS crafts exclusively for you), and include the name that you want to appear on the ex libris. In only a few days, it’ll arrive at its new home.

To add another gem to the treasures in your book collection, simply go to tuusexlibris.com.



Credits: Cecilia Martinez

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