Trópico Branding

Trópico is an audiovisual production company that aproaches issues of contemporary society and social engagement in their productions for web, television and cinema. With a few years of experience and having found their vocation, they asked Carlos Bauer and Nicholas Pierre to design a brand to communicate they way of being. We started with a co-creation session where the designers could understand the company holistically and define 3 drivers to guide and inspire the project: trans, embrace and voices. Trough research and sketches they foundnd the solution by noting that the tropics regulate the atmospheric circulation on the globe. The designers designed a synthetic logo as a starting point for the brand narrative plus a modular and dynamic graphism inspired by the wind. Thus, the visual identity is a metaphor for the flow of ideas, lightness and involvement that positions Trópico as an agent of dialogue and change.


Credits: Carlos Bauer & Nicholas Pierre

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