Tri Small Market

Matinal Design, Pei-Hsuan Kuan & I-Chen Huang designed Tri Small Market. Sanxiao Bazaar is a food and farmers channel brand from Yunlin and a friendly environment, providing safe food and good food, souvenirs, and food and farmers integration services. The brand name comes from “Little People, Little Land, Little Satisfaction”, and hopes to create a land-friendly eating environment with farmers and consumers through the practice and promotion of land-friendly farming methods. This time, the three small bazaars cooperated with Haoqi, hoping to help create a brand-new brand identity system and packaging, hoping to give customers a new visual experience, and further provide brand professionalism and attractiveness.

The design concept of the LOGO design is closely linked to “little people, small land, small satisfaction”. Satisfied farmers and harvested fruits and vegetables are the main body of the LOGO. The harvested fruits and vegetables choose Yunlin’s three most famous agricultural products “Grapefruit, Eggplant, Maogu” as representatives. To deepen the local characteristics, the farmer wearing the hat echoes the shop owner’s actual contact with all the agricultural products, and stands on the same front with the farmer and works hard to satisfy the expression.


Credits: Matinal Design, Pei-Hsuan Kuan & I-Chen Huang

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