Tokyo Tracks

Four exclusive publications have been published, which have been curated for the main sponsors. An additional edition shows the joint Olympic journey to Tokyo.

Photographs taken especially for Team D provide a detailed insight into the emotionally charged world of high-performance athletes. They underpin essays and convey emotional impressions in such an exceptional year. In the beginning, short essays will emotionally take the readers to Tokyo. Reports include Malaika Mihambo and her leap to gold, the Olympic newcomer disciplines in 2021, and brand-specific campaigns.

Elaborate finishes create a visual and tactile association with high-performance sports. This printed book features a modern interpretation of the colors black, red, and gold. The use of intense spot colors gives the book vibrant graphics that extend outward to the cover. Haptically, readers are surprised by a paper cover that contains portions of recycled plastic and is thus reminiscent of textures typical of sports. Partial embossing – and varnishing – also pick up on the aesthetics of contemporary sports textiles. The publications frame by individual, partner-specific spines as well as by a two-tone change of the cut edge in a vertical and horizontal direction.

Additional credits
Design: Silja Buhl | Morphoria



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