Tinta font

Jordi Embodas designed Tinta font. The Tinta typeface is a rebellion against sterility and cold perfection. In a time dominated by supersharp offset printing and screen typography, Tipografies embarks on a search of lost warmth. The goal is to recreate the mood of Renaissance printmaking. Tinta utilizes variable font technology to bring back the vulnerable quality of letterforms.

Tinta Coated is the starting point, with ideal shapes. While it already has rounded corners, Tinta Uncoated further emphasizes this softness. Imitating the effects of printing on absorbent paper, it’s ever so slightly bolder, with joins and notches filling in, edges wearing down, and terminals getting thicker. If the Coated is the equivalent of a “kiss impression” – a letterpress term referring to the perfect balance of ink and pressure – then the Uncoated is for when love grows more intense.

Tinta Broken, on the other hand, shows what happens when too little force is applied, or letters are underinked. Its glyphs are fragmentary – the marks of a cursory, unfinished liaison. Thin strokes get thinner, exposing the diagonal contrast axis deduced from the broad-nib pen. Some parts even break. Despite these gaps, Tinta Broken is not a stencil design. It’s the lovesick type, craving for closer contact.


Credits: Jordi Embodas

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