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With millions of us currently staying indoors to help stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to spread some good vibes and do everything we can to remain positive & productive. This project aims to do just that, but I need your help to bring it to life.

Steve from Studio Porktie is the creator of This Time Next Year (TTNY) a personal passport to a more positive and productive time here on planet Earth. This 52-week planner is your motivational, mindful mate, encouraging and supporting you to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a new parent or whether you just want to make a change in your life, TTNY is here to help turn dreamers to doers, worriers to warriors.

Creating this planner has been a hugely personal project for him, as it came to life during one of the most challenging periods of his life.

What´s Inside the Planner

  • Set your goals and plan your journey ahead 
  • Break down your goals into achievable steps
  • 52 flexible weeks (no fixed dates, so you can start whenever you like) – The weekly pages are filled with hundreds of carefully chosen inspirational mantras, stories and challenges, designed to help you stay focused on your goals and keep your journey in perspective. They certainly helped me.
  • Daily habit trackers and to-do lists help to break down your tasks into achievable chunks and help you make the most of every day
  • Clean, spacious 7-day layout gives you equal space for everyday of the week and the flexibility to build your days however you like
  • Keep tabs on your progress and realign your goals with quarterly progress checks

Steve´s Story:

“You could say it had been a difficult year. It was only when I woke up in my mother-in-law’s spare bedroom on that cold winter’s morning that the gravity of the situation began to hit home. I was 33, I had no home, no job, and no reason to get out of bed that morning (well at least that’s how I felt)

My mental health was in a downward spiral and my thoughts were becoming increasingly dark. I had hit rock bottom and I had a mountain to climb. But just when I was at my lowest, I was struck by a surprisingly positive realisation … 

I opened the ‘Notes’ app on my phone and typed that message in there. That was the first step back on my road to recovery.

Every day, I kept capturing any moments of inspiration and mini motivations that I came across – quotes, song lyrics, facts, thoughts, stories from others who had been in similar situations. As my digital collection continued to grow, I made myself read through all the pieces of inspiration, every day – as a reminder of why I should keep going, trying, failing, learning, laughing and living.

One year later and I was in a much more positive place. I finally landed a great new job, giving my partner and I a fresh start in a new city. We saved up the deposit for a new flat, and a few months later, we were engaged to be married.

Even having turned things around, I still found myself reading the list on my phone every day, through force of habit. Then one morning I started to wonder whether it could be of some use to other people who also find themselves in need of some support, some structure, or just some positivity.

I set about merging the text with some graphic design and it eventually evolved into This Time Next Year.”

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Credits: Studio Porktie

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