Tilt Stationery Set

Every workplace has its share of tense and stressful moments – some more than others, but the rigours of a desk job don’t mean that there isn’t space for little bursts of joy as they come. Tilt was designed to introduce subtle liveliness to normally straight-laced work environments. Acre design played with the idea of sensible office equipment by introducing hidden elements of dynamism to seemingly rigid objects without sacrificing their functionality. The swivelling pen holder’s mobility invites playful gestures when interacting with it – a cheeky nudge of a finger becomes an invite to share stationery, while the natural angle of hands reaching to grab a pen are echoed and accommodated by the holder’s inherent perpetual tilt. Small items beckon to be put to use, thanks to the circular base’s unassuming interior apex, which naturally positions them with a gentle angle that facilitates the act of picking them up. Finally, the copper base’s curved slopes also corrals all manner of items from large bunches of keys to loose business cards, ensuring that things fall exactly where you need them to be, when you need them. Get yours today at www.acre.shop


Credits: Acre

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