Tiendas Ocultas

Continuing with the urban scenery from both design posts showcased, we’re presenting Tiendas Ocultas’ visual identity designed by Contexto Studio. Made for the cities, the brand aims to connect clients to reach more consumers through warehouses for packing and last-mile delivery. This interurban logistics company is all about making our lives easier. 

If you’re used to living in the city, there are certain things we usually take for granted. The first things that come to our mind are large transportation networks or their urban concentration where everything is near. Also, one of the most priceless perks of living in the city is anonymity. And for that, Tiendas Ocultas has much to do.
The fact that Contexto Studio managed to represent all those typical characteristics from metropolitan areas is fantastic! The branding’s connectivity is at sight. For instance, we immediately get the metro vibes with the pattern designers created out of the logo. 

Mysterious and faceless, but with a fresh and clean summarizing design, Contexto Studio nailed it again with its work for Tiendas Ocultas. Its fluid identity system is based on the concept of connectivity and flexibility, with an underlying free-spirited attitude.


Credits: Contexto Studio

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