Thief Heist

& Walsh designed Thief Heist. The Tag is a bracelet designed by Francesca Amfitheatrof, a renowned designer in the luxury jewelry market. We created the strategy, brand identity, illustrations, copywriting & packaging design for the launch of the brand.

We developed the brand strategy for Thief & Heist, centralized on the idea of “wearing your story.” In our strategic work, we found that oversharing on social platforms portrays an idealized version of ourselves, consequently resulting in forgetting the moments that actually make us who we are. The tag allows people to tag any moment in time, whether it is something they want to share publicly or not. Tagging someone or yourself can symbolize a story or a meaning that serves as a reminder of who you really are.

The tag bracelet was released in March 2019 and new “drops” with various collaborators will roll out each year. Find out more on the Thief & Heist website.


Credits: & Walsh

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