The top of Cakes

Is there a better way to start the week with a yummy treat? Well, we’re here to satisfy our audience’s wishes, so we bring some delightful goods and pastries. On this occasion, we’re showcasing Requena Office‘s work for Annapurna: The top of Cakes. 

Traditional bakery is all about its popularity along with history. Therefore, its visual context directly relates to the shop’s record or the baker’s signature. Most graphic universes are based on non-bold, standard features that visually translate to conservative identities with cliche resources, merely decorative.
Annapurna holds and naturally hides a perfect analogy and visual metaphor for the mountain’s massive, savage and imperfect character. Simultaneously, it stands for exquisite, delicate, splendid, and sublime as the brand’s cakes and pies. Moreover, the fact that Annapurna contains three letters A matches the traditional mountainous landscape. Requena Office’s creative team intervened in the serif typography to change its meaning and transport us to rocky geography based on Annapurna’s products.

The top of cakes literally translates to every climber’s goal: the peak, whether it’s at Annapurna or any other mountain. Under this definition, the designers built the relation between Annapurna, abundance, and the brand’s cakes. 

Additional credits​​​​​​​
Animation: Ester Dus
Photography: Martí Pujol
Client: Annapurna Cakes


Credits: Requena Office

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