The sweet doing nothing

‘Dolcefarniente – the sweet doing nothing! In a society where doing nothing is seen as a bad thing, as being lazy and not useful, with this project I want to celebrate the good part of doing nothing, the contemplation, the happiness and the freedom that comes with doing nothing. The newspaper is the perfect medium to promote the sweetness of doing nothing, as it comes with a cup of coffee and a relaxed mood most of the time. In the newspaper I show different opinions, views, texts and photos of doing nothing. With that, I want to make it socially acceptable again as we should not feel guilty when we do nothing. Also the design of the newspaper and the layout follows the idle topic as the dramaturgy of the pages leans on the idea of a breath rhythm. The colors of yellow and turquoise remind you of ease, silence and happiness. Also, some almost empty pages and the images transfer a mood of idleness that should settle the reader on relaxing and doing nothing.’


Credits: Lisa Jasch

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