The Snooze Project – German mattress startup interview

How did you started The Snooze Project?

Snooze Project was born out of our passion for great design and our frustration with the status quo that existed in the mattress industry. After moving to Berlin in 2015, we found it extremely difficult to navigate our way through the endless maze of offers and promotions that were on display in conventional mattress shops. Furthermore, we were overwhelmed by the infinite properties a mattress must boast nowadays. Whether it was specially designed memory foam, tested by NASA, 7-Zones, 3,4 or 5 Layers, we failed to comprehend why all this was necessary to get adequate and comfortable sleep. Even other online mattress companies disappointed in this regard. Our research quickly showed that there was no coherent proof, as to why all these ‘extras’ were necessary on a mattress. Our desire therefore, was to build a simple and sleek design using only high quality materials. Simple, because we focus only on what is important for great sleep. Sleek, because design is important to us and we still want your bedroom to look good. That was our vision for Snooze Project.

What makes the key difference to a usual mattress you can get in every other shop?

Our brand is built on honesty and transparency. We therefore do not use gimmicks, such as trademarked hi-tech foams for example, which you will find in almost any other mattress. These often contribute to price more than anything else. We are convinced that most of us actually have fairly similar sleeping requirements. This runs counter to conventional beliefs that have been so entrenched in us, mainly due to clever marketing tricks. We also do not offer discounts, because we solely charge customers for what we require to run our operations, rather than trying to achieve the highest possible margin. A fair price is essential for a fair product. Often, customers find it hard to believe that they can buy a high-quality mattress for the price we offer, because they have become used to the extortionate prices of other sellers. However, we truly believe that our One-Fits-All mattress includes everything that makes a great product. It is catered to any person and can be used on any surface. This is also unlike traditional models, which usually require specific setups.

Where do you produce your mattresses and where can you purchase these?

Our mattresses are produced and hand finished in Germany. Because quality is vital to our brand, we wanted to maintain as much control as possible over the supply chain. Health, safety and quality standards are especially high in Germany and it was an obvious choice we made early on. You can always send us a request and we will try our best to deliver. Countries close to Germany are generally no problem. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to remote locations or countries where tariff barriers are high. We also do not deliver outside of Europe. Our aim one day though, is to be a truly global brand and deliver to customers around the world.

What are your main goals or visions for the future year(s)? 

We’d love to see our vision of creating fair and sustainable products spread across industries and into the mainstream. Too often we experience that consumer choices do not involve any long term thinking. Products are replaced as soon as the next best thing becomes available. We want people to think about their purchasing decisions and make a commitment to a business they trust. In our industry this is especially important, because you spend one third of your life in bed. But it should be transferable to any other product you use. Resources are limited and it’s important to invest in something that lasts and adds value to your life. It makes sense financially as well. A good mattress should last at least 10 years. So it’s better to invest a little bit more in the beginning, because you might be worse off having to replace your cheap, average mattress every two years.

Give us a glimpse of an idea how your daily workday looks like, – what is on your agenda today?

We are still at the early stages of growing our business so there’s lots to do. We spend about a third of our day trying to optimise and expand our online marketing channels. We are constantly looking for new opportunities to create original and interesting content for example. Because we are smaller than many competitors we have to make sure that we are better than them at everything we do. If we can offer better and more personalized services, that’s a selling point. Our aim is to continuously improve the customer experience, and another third of our day is consumed doing just that. We try to come up with innovative ideas and implement them into our services. We spend the final third of the day focusing on strategic business decisions. We always want to be one step ahead of everyone else. Whilst doing all this, we also need to make sure not to neglect our day to day operations. We try to have a lot of customer interaction and create tight feedback loops, to ensure we always make progress.

Where can people find you online or offline? 

We started online, because it allowed us to cut out any middlemen. This allowed us to charge a much lower price than typically found in the mattress industry. We are currently still at a stage, where our customers are very happy with the online services we offer. Offline availability, or retail stores as such, would mean additional overheads, which we would need to reflect in our prices. Only when we believe that the benefits of selling our product offline outweigh the drawbacks of increased prices, will we carefully approach this step. You can be sure though that long term, we will be tackling this issue with rigour, as we always do. However, we need to see the clear benefit this has to customers before doing so. In the meantime, you can visit us at where you’ll have 100days to test our product at home.


Credits: The Snooze Project

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