The Snooze Project – German mattress

The Snooze Project – German mattress is a mattress brand produced and hand finished in Germany. From the beginning, the brand that was built on honesty and transparency. They therefore do not use gimmicks, such as trademarked hi-tech foams for example, which you will find in almost any other mattress. These often contribute to price more than anything else. They are convinced that most of us actually have fairly similar sleeping requirements. This runs counter to conventional beliefs that have been so entrenched in us, mainly due to clever marketing tricks. They also do not offer discounts, because they solely charge customers for what they require to run their operations, rather than trying to achieve the highest possible margin. A fair price is essential for a fair product. Often, customers find it hard to believe that they can buy a high-quality mattress for the price they offer, because they have become used to the extortionate prices of other sellers. However, they truly believe that our One-Fits-All mattress includes everything that makes a great product. It is catered to any person and can be used on any surface. This is also unlike traditional models, which usually require specific setups.

You can visit The Snooze Project at where you’ll have 100days to test their product at home.


Credits: The Snooze Project

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