The Sando House

In recent years the Japanese Sando has become highly fashionable. Often made from revered Wagyu or Kobe beef, the Sando has become an iconic ‘must try’ dish for globe-trotting gourmets. The Sando House founders saw its success in Japan and the US … it was time to take it to Shanghai. Combining excellent and accessible food within a space where millennials could meet, eat, watch films, view art, and party, they wanted to create a hub for the discerning, culturally hungry, bright young stars of Shanghai. A place to rest, replenish, and feed not only your stomach but your soul. 

Studio NinetyOne created a brand that puts this characterful sandwich center stage. A brand that encourages conversations and inspires creativity. The challenge was to balance personality and playfulness with real credibility. The origins and story of the Sando needed to be acknowledged while also speaking to the chic, culturally astute locals. They added a little humor too. It is just a sandwich after all! 

The identity includes a set of tongue-in-cheek illustrations depicting surreal scenes featuring the Sando sandwich as the focal point with a playful twist. To further nod to the product Studio NinetyOne chose a clean illustrative style; reminiscent of Japanese anime. These illustrations pair with bold sans serif typefaces that sit comfortably in worlds of modern art, fashion, and urban culture. The logo’s shape received inspiration from the structure and form of the classic Sando sandwich. A crisp cut oblong; full to the edges.

Due to the unpredictable nature of the times, we live in this project never launched.

Creative copyright: Studio NinetyOne.


Credits: Studio NinetyOne

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